Mission and Vision

American Culture and Literature Department explores the United States of America from literary, cultural, social, historical, regional, institutional, legal, and economic perspectives. The department fosters critical thinking, provides an interdisciplinary framework on the study of culture, and aims for competency in textual and discourse analysis. The graduates may seek employment in both state and private institutions that require language and culture education.

Education and Evaluation

Language of instruction in this program is 100% English. Students need to pass English proficiency exams or take a year-long English language education at the School of Foreign Languages prior to their studies. While all first year undergraduate courses are compulsory, students take three compulsory and three elective courses in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth semesters, and one compulsory and five elective courses in the seventh and eighth semesters. Evaluation is based on courses passed and failed every term.

Career Options

American Culture and Literature Department graduates may seek employment across a spectrum of service-based occupations that require English competency such as education, translation, the media, international relations, tourism, finance, foreign relations, and public relations.