Web Registration in 5 Steps

1-Complete your online registration at the beginning of each term within the allocated  time. This is a strict deadline and there will be  no extentions.

2-As you complete your registration, make sure you have chosen the required number of elective courses for the particular term. Do not choose two, or four, electives if you have to choose three.

3-Once you complete your registration, wait for your advisor’s response. Without your advisor’s confirmation, your registration will not be finished. After controlling your transcript and registered courses, your advisor will confirm your registration. If there is a problem, your advisor will reject your registration with a notification.

4-Every student is responsible to check whether the registration has been confirmed or rejected by the advisor.
If you are an irregular student taking courses from different years simultanously, make sure you meet the requirements for each year/term.

5-Needless to say, don’t make irregular claims  while registering for courses. To give an example, don’t register for a senior-year elective if you are a sophomore.

Elective CoursesStarting with the second year, you will be able to select some of your courses from a list of elective courses offered by the department.

For each term/year, there is a particular number of elective courses you have to take. (See course guidelines on the right.) Do not choose less or more than you are required to—this will be a serious disadvantage for you.

Pool Elective Courses

If you have fulfilled the 30 ECTS per term requirement, you may choose among Pool Elective Courses offered by Faculty of Letters (course codes: ESH) and other faculties. (Please note that these optional electives do not count towards your
30 ECTS departmental coursework.)


90-100 = AA  (PASS)
85-89   = BA  (PASS)
80-84   = BB  (PASS)
75-79   = CB  (PASS)
70-74   = CC  (PASS)
50-59   = FD  (FAIL) 49-0     = F    (FAIL) 

Grade Point Avarage

The 1.80 Rule: Beginning with the sophomore year, a student cannot take new courses if his/her GPA is lower than 1.80. This rule applies to every semester until the student re-takes failed courses and passes the 1.80 GPA limit.


For all announcements, check the “Announcement Board” regularly.

Class and Web Registration Advisors

ACL 1 : Research Assistant Sema ŞİMŞEK EKE
ACL 2 : Research Assistant Asila ERTEKİN
ACL 3 : Research Assistant Asila ERTEKİN
ACL 4 : Research Assistant Abdullah DERİN

Graduation Checklist

Is your Grade Point Avarege above 2.0?

Have you taken the requisite number of elective courses for each specific term/year?

Have you fulfilled the 30 points ECTS per term, 60 ECTS per year, and 240 ECTS in total requirement?

Important Notes

In case your graduation is compromised because of an elective you have failed, you may exchange that elective with another one from the corresponding year’s course list.

In case an elective you have failed is not offered the next year, you have to choose another elective from the corresponding term/year.